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Contractor in Charge | Remote assistance – Use of remote streaming to diagnose, train, and provide customer service

Shared by Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor In Charge


Remote assistance and access allow companies to gain access to a variety of devices. This helps clients when they need it and without actually being present. As noted by Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor In Charge it’s an essential component of customer service when a home service provider’s first and foremost priority is to keep clients satisfied. Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor In Charge explains to us how remote assistance can help. It works tirelessly to improve goal rates, consumer loyalty, and less expensive but more successful problem-solving.


Lynn Wise Founder Contractor In Charge

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Remote assistance as an effective tool

Ensure the gaining and retention of new and continuing customers. Always be ready to deal with a customer’s crisis when it comes up. Those customers (and potential customers) are hoping that their problems will be fixed right away and efficiently. Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor notes that when it comes to quick and efficient service, everyone wants the same thing. Remote assistance makes a lot of it possible.

However, it’s not just customers and the bottom line that see a benefit. Remote streaming can help contractors and employees in the field as well. It can assist with information, troubleshooting, and training in a variety of situations and locations. It allows remote employees, contractors, and companies to stay connected in ways that weren’t always possible before.


“Remote support specialists, using key software, can access our computer devices remotely to perform several functions, such as general maintenance, updates, and minor and complex technical troubleshooting.

Most remote support companies can resolve IT issues faster and reduce response times; this new efficiency level allows clients to save money and keep their workflow running smoothly.”



Contractor In Charge – Remote assistance as a multitool

Having a team of certified individuals always available is one of the top reasons why remote assistance has become so popular over time. Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor shares with us how it has proven to be viable and greatly valuable in many cases, some of which are:


  1. Time-saving – There was a time when people would have to call your service with simple maintenance issues or questions, and wait hours, sometimes days, to have their problems solved. However, now, people can connect with a professional in under a minute to work through understanding and solving any issues they may be having. The on-demand aspect is greatly beneficial and saves a lot of time for both the customer and the company.
  2. Knowledgeable for the customer – Before, the clients would completely give up control to the professionals to solve their issues. Now, they can watch, learn, and be a part of the process, giving them more confidence in themselves as well as in the work done by the company they have hired.
  3. Maintainable choice – Remote assistance’s biggest advantage is that it can be provided anywhere. A company can expand to a larger area, and unnecessary trips to customers for small and easy to solve problems can be reduced.


Lynn Wise Founder Contractor In Charge

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While remote assistance cannot replace HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or other related services; it can help with some of the associated issues that arise, reducing stress on both customers and the company.


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