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About Contractor In Charge

“Old Fashioned Service and Cutting Edge Technology”

About Contractor In Charge

Contractor In Charge was established in 2014 by Lynn Wise. She is a professional with a background at IBM as well as plumbing and heating company management and ownership. Under her guidance, Contractor In Charge has grown to be one of the most successful and expansive back-office task outsourcing options available. Services include complete start-to-finish 24/7 customer care and real-time bookkeeping. When looking for professional office support without the overhead, contractors always seek out Contractor In Charge first.

A game-changer

Contractor in Charge has proven to be a real game-changer for the company owners of numerous professional plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning home services.  The call answering services provide complete customization exactly how you need it to be done. You even choose the scale and size of the services that you require!

That’s not the only benefit. Reliable service and consistent and always-friendly customer service. Day and night availability lead to higher booking rates. Calls from current and potential customers are never left unanswered.  Having Contractor In Charge available leads to a reliably higher bottom line.

Complete office services

However, Contractor In Charge goes above and beyond a traditional call answering service. In addition to live phone industry trained call answering reps available 24×7 responding to each and every one of your incoming calls, the available services also include:

  • monthly p&ls and budgets
  • cash flow and planning
  • service agreement maintenance
  • outbound appointment setting
  • administrative office tasks
  • dispatching technicians for customers
  • working according to your instructions and software rules
  • custom greeting
  • call screening

Whether you specialize in plumbing, electrical, heating or air conditioning, Contractor in Charge’s difference is that we understand the customers, the trade, and what it’s like being in the professional plumbing and home services business, all before we start your work. Customer In Charge has the precise experience required to seamlessly mesh with and do the work on the administrative side of your business. There is no other call answering service like it in the industry.

A real solution

Even the best home services business owners can feel overwhelmed and frustrated at times when it comes to the financial part of their businesses.  The team at Contractor in Charge takes that frustration right out of your hands and offers an effective solution – allowing the business owners to free up their time and assign parts of their administrative tasks while still being fully in charge of how things are managed, as if the dedicated team is right there at their shop.

Old fashioned courteous, complete, and professional service is always provided. That doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t play a role. The pros at Contractor In Charge make it all happen. They seamlessly integrate their work with the technology you already use, as well as being able to offer some you may not have even thought of. Contractor In Charge is familiar with and uses a variety of cloud-based home services industry-based software, including but not limited to Service TitanField EdgeService Fusion, House Call Pro, Successware, and Servman! Just book a call with a Contractor in Charge today!

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