About Contractor In Charge

Mission Statement

In the beginning, something you always wanted was to finally run your own business. You had all the needed skills, knowledge, and passion.  Today, you are making your living, but you can’t enjoy your life.  You are so involved in the daily operations of your business it takes all your time.  You keep getting up earlier and earlier and going to bed later and later.  One day on your way to bed, you might pass yourself getting up for work!


You may have told yourself that feeling overwhelmed is normal for the life of any business owner.  For those using the Contractor In Charge services, things are different.  They have the option to choose to work on their business, rather than staying stuck in their business.  You can also hire a part-time management team to help you in whatever you need.  This could be marketing, technology, sales, and many other areas of our expertise.


It isn’t possible to learn and excel in every aspect of running a successful business. There aren’t enough hours in the day.  You can have access to the knowledge necessary to make decisions for Contractor In Charge to put in place solutions for your daily operations.  Then you can concentrate on your happy staff and customers, the growth of your business, and being able to enjoy working within the company you have built.  It’s the first step toward having that life you dreamed of living.

Our founder, Lynn Wise, was a partner in a plumbing, HVAC, and remodeling company for 15 years. Over the 15 years, her company grew 5 fold by putting a strong dispatching and scheduling system in place, enforcing solid policies for collecting and billing customers, consistently knowing the marketing and sales trends and promoting in the correct media channels, establishing a Customer Centric and Excellence culture, and always knowing the financial needs of the business. Lynn has pulled together a team of experts to do this for you…your company….the contractor business! We will do these services for you while you do what you do best!


It is with our help and support you will build and grow a business with your passion and skills. Our mission is to provide the techniques, tips, and technologies to accelerate the growth and management of your company. You are probably saying, “Is this true? A company that I can outsource all or some of the areas of my business and I can actually have a piece of mind?”


The Answer is YES… please click here for a FREE consultation with Lynn Wise.

Lynn Wise

Lynn Wise is the Founder and Partner of Contractor In Charge and Wise Business Advisors. She is an author of her recently released book, “Build It, Grow It, Sell It! Nine Steps to a Thriving Contracting Business.” Over the last 35 years, Lynn has owned five successful small businesses including a plumbing and heating repair and remodeling company. As well, she has 20 years of corporate sales and management experience with Ameritech and IBM. Lynn holds a MBA and Finance degree.


Lynn’s business accomplishments include building businesses from the ground floor to profitable and successful businesses. Her management and leadership grew the plumbing and heating business by three hundred percent. She was featured in Hardware Age for her accomplishments. Her most recent business became an elite distributor for a handbag company and achieved #2 in sales for her company.


Lynn has completed the certification as a Value Builder Advisor from the Sellability Score and completed 40 week program with the Key Person of Influence-USA. She has achieved top sales and management awards with Ameritech and IBM earning her President Club and Golden Circle awards.


Lynn lives with her husband, Norm currently resides in the Greater Tampa Area in Florida. They moved from Michigan in 1999.


Professional and Trade Associations: NARI, WHVACR, KPI, TBBO