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Contractor in Charge | Artificial Intelligence – Customer Service Interfaces

Shared by Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor In Charge


In a recent interview, Lynn Wise Founder Contractor In Charge shared with us how customer care in the home service industry has benefited from AI-powered conversation intelligence. It is an innovative advancement that is seeing a benefit for consumers and companies across many industries. In addition to being immediately available and enhancing customer services, AI-fueled advancements can assist with customer engagement on a company’s website as well as on social media, leading to new and continuing customers. Lynn Wise Founder Contractor In Charge notes how she has seen companies that use the technology retain more customers and gain ones that might have otherwise slipped away.

The best part? After setup and a few changes, the conversation programs work on their own, leaving workers more time to focus on dispatch, billing, and larger customer problems that need a more complex solution.


Lynn Wise Founder Contractor In Charge

Image credit: Liza Summer


Why should you incorporate AI?

More intelligent workforce planning – Not only does AI engage with clients. It can also be utilized to schedule and manage timeslots for shifts and customer assignments.

Anticipating future patterns and outcomes – AI-powered machine learning can assist in honing in on problem areas and expected client needs.


“Build intelligent customized experiences. AI can be used to learn patterns of customer behavior (like purchasing cycles on a credit card, retail spending or travel) and then to forecast behavior accordingly. When the customer then contacts the organization, these patterns can be used to intelligently offer the most likely service options or information based on the time and date of previous activities.”

–  Janine Bensouda, Bensouda Consulting via Forbes


Further developing call escalations – As a best practice, ensure that your clients have a consistent way out of the AI conversation. they need a way out when they are ready to schedule service or need further assistance. Programming in a simple “call us now” feature can help. Potential and future customers will feel more comfortable with the process of using the AI service when aware that human is available if and when they need them.

Propelling contact center routing – After collecting information, AI can get customers directed to the exact person who they need to speak to in a company, depending on what it is they need.


Benefits of using AI in Customer Services

With the right implementation, utilizing AI in customer services can yield great results. This is especially true for home service companies and contractors, according to Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor In Charge.

Around-the-clock availability – Using AI, clients can have their doubts cleared up without waiting for replies.

Rapid Solutions – Information automated by AI will be quick and precise. This saves time since there is no manual labor involved.

Efficient at information tasks – AI doesn’t have to wait to dig up solutions or rest; this saves up a lot of time in the hands of the clients.

Satisfied customers – It’s a given that if a website is quick to cater to the clients’ needs, they will be more satisfied with the service. There is no more waiting for hours for a reply.


Lynn Wise Founder Contractor In Charge

Image credit: Christine Gretland


Contractor In Charge – Catering to customer needs

As mentioned by Lynn Wise Founder of Contractor In Charge, artificial intelligence has quickly taken over the customer services industry. It is paired with its massive aptitude to accomplish various tasks and speedy answers to computerized questions. AI-driven automation of client assistance stages can produce results with precision and swiftness. It does this by reducing the time needed to dig up information and providing impressive solutions.

Not only does AI create simple self-administration for client support. As it learns, it can also begin to anticipate customer needs and offer suggestions and services. It captures real-time data to recognize client issues and learn to cater to them. This benefits everyone involved.


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