For many business owners, email can seem old-hat. It’s certainly not as flashy or as exciting as social media, yet it continues to be a key driver of consumer engagement. Indeed, many marketers still believe email marketing to be the most effective form of digital outreach—and it’s something you can use to get more jobs for your home service company.
It’s important to be strategic in your email marketing strategy, however. Here are five ways in which you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing emails.

Ensure Mobile Optimization

The first thing you need to understand is that your customers may not be reading your emails from a desktop computer. In fact, it’s statistically more likely that they’re getting your emails on their mobile device. As such, it’s important that they can easily read your emails without having to do a lot of scrolling or zooming. Double and triple check that the email marketing platform you use is mobile-optimized, ensuring your messages are easy to read on any device.

Catch Their Attention

The most important part of any email message is the subject line—because without a compelling subject, the message will never be opened or read! Hook your customers with a compelling subject line. Some tips:

  • Keep it brief—seven or eight words is usually enough.
  • Include value; show your readers what they can expect to benefit from opening the email (whether that’s knowledge or some sort of discount).
  • Avoid words that will trigger spam filters; salesy terms like “sale,” “free,” and so forth may end up getting your emails tossed out.

Deliver Something Valuable

Always ask yourself this question: What’s in it for the reader? In other words, how will your customers benefit from taking the time to read your email? Every message you send should contain value, just like we mentioned above—either some useful tips/guidelines (such as home plumbing advice) or discounts/special offers.

Include a Call to Action

You want your emails to be fairly brief—100 to 200 words at the very most—but even in your brevity, make sure to include a strong call to action. Urge readers to call you and schedule an appointment today, and provide all the necessary contact information.

Experiment with Timing

This may surprise you, but the time you send your emails can be a big factor in how successful those emails are. Experiment by sending emails at different times of the day, and use your email marketing platform to monitor results. Find the window when your customers are likely to open and view your messages.

Make Every Message Count

Many home service companies find great success through email marketing, staying in touch with their customers and encouraging repeat business. If your marketing emails haven’t moved the sales needle yet, don’t give up! Some simple tweaks can make your approach much more successful.
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