Hiring a new team member can be a lengthy process, involving both great time and expense. As such, it’s only natural that you’d want to see that effort flourish, and your new hire succeed in your company over the long term.
That’s what the onboarding process is all about—training new hires and preparing them for ongoing contributions to the team. An effective onboarding process gives new employees the foundation they need to add value and to find satisfaction in their work. A lackluster onboarding process can have the opposite effect; in fact, poor onboarding is a leading cause of employee turnover.
If you’ve found that you have a hard time recruiting new team members who really contribute to the team, and who invest in the company over the long haul, it could be your onboarding process that’s to blame. In this post, we’ll recommend three simple changes that can make your onboarding efforts much more effective.

How to Improve Your Onboarding

  1. Assign each new hire a mentor. Even if you don’t have a formal mentorship program in place at your home services company, it’s wise to provide each new hire with a more senior team member who they can go to with any questions or concerns—particularly matters they may not feel comfortable bringing up with their boss. Rather than allowing new hires to feel adrift, pair each one with someone who can offer guidance and clarity as needed.
  2. Give them real work to do from day one. There is sometimes a tendency to give new hires “practice” assignments—but this often just amounts to busywork. That’s not what new hires want. What they want is to contribute, put them on projects where they can do meaningful work.
  3. Don’t overwhelm them with bureaucracy. Every company needs to have the occasional team meeting sometimes, or to get together to handle some administrative stuff—but those tasks can cause new hires to burn out early. As best as you can, excuse them from meetings and huddles and allow them to simply focus on practicing their skills.

With these tips, you can provide a firm foundation for new hires, and allow them to better acclimate to your team’s rhythms from day one.
It’s critically important to get the onboarding process right, and to protect the investment you make in new employees. To learn more about key HR functions within a home services setting, reach out to the experts at Contractor in Charge today.