Every leader looks for ways to keep employees engaged, motivated to try their best and to produce excellent work. The easiest way to motivate employees, of course, is to give them a raise. And while we certainly recommend giving salary bumps when you can, and when it’s appropriate, it’s not something you can do every day! Simply put, your business can’t afford it.
With that said, there are other ways to keep your technicians, office staff members, and sales reps motivated—to show them that you value them and appreciate their ongoing good work. Best of all, these motivational methods won’t cost you a dime—though some of them may require you to change some of your habits.

Motivating Your Team Members – Without Blowing Your Budget

  • Praise them generously. Not all of us are comfortable paying praise to others—yet it’s a skill worth cultivating. Your employees want to feel like their labors are noticed and valued. A simple pat on the back can really inspire your employees, particularly those who are wired to be praise-oriented.
  • Offer autonomy. Another way to help employees feel valued is to give them some room to roam. As your employees prove themselves to you, try giving them more projects where they can shine, and where they can make decisions without being micromanaged. If you can’t give a raise, maybe you can give more responsibility.
  • Ask for input. Are you planning a change to your business, or a tweak to the way you do things? Ask your employees for their honest feedback and hear them out. This doesn’t mean you have to take their suggestions. It’s just a good way to show that you value them as people, and care about what they have to say. This is a simple yet effective way to keep them motivated.
  • Consider small rewards. Maybe you have an employee who’s really been knocking it out of the park lately, but you don’t feel like you have the resources for a big pay bump. Something like a $100 gift card can be motivating for a fraction of the cost. Gift cards, movie tickets or an afternoon off show that you appreciate their efforts.  If you can make it personal, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, for example, means even more.
  • Offer some face time. Finally, and as your schedule permits, consider inviting an employee for a non-working, one-on-one lunch. This level of personal investment can be a powerful motivator in and of itself.

You don’t have to break the bank to show employees how much their good work matters. Consider some of these methods for motivation in your home service company. To learn more about effectively leading your service trade business, reach out to Contractor in Charge.