In the home service industry, maintenance agreements represent a real win-win. For your business, they offer new revenue opportunities and a chance to build long-term customer loyalty. For customers, meanwhile, they offer peace of mind, potential savings, and a smart way to protect themselves from emergency repair needs.
For as valuable as maintenance agreements are, however, they don’t sell themselves. The onus is on your customer service reps and technicians to get customers signed up for these agreements. The question is how.

Boost Enrollment in Your Maintenance Agreements

A few pointers:

  • Your maintenance agreement must provide value. A simple question: Would you buy into your service agreement? If not, then you can’t expect others to buy into it, either, and need to retool your value proposition. A good maintenance agreement yields a full list of features and benefits. Sit down and make that list and be ready to share it with all of your customers.
  • Compare with competitors’ service agreements. Call (anonymously) to your competitors in the area and ask what their service agreements include. This helps give some idea of what you’re up against, and what you might include in your own maintenance agreement.
  • Train your technicians and customer service reps. They need to know your service agreement inside and out—the cost, the benefits, the terms, and the sales pitch you want them using to get customers enrolled. Really drill down on this. It should be something your technicians can discuss in their sleep.
  • Bring it up at the right times. When you have a customer call in to make a service appointment, make sure your service rep asks this question: “Will you be benefiting from our service agreement today?” If the answer is no, assure them that their technician will walk them through the service agreement during their appointment. (And make sure your technician follows up properly!)
  • Ensure high-quality work. Part of the appeal of maintenance agreements is that they allow customers to feel like they belong to a special club—like they are a But no one’s going to feel like a VIP if the work you do for them is rushed, sloppy, or belated. High standards of quality are critical for getting those maintenance agreement sign-ups.

Again, your maintenance agreement may be a real slam-dunk for the customer—but you still have to sell it! With these tips, you’re ready to start getting some sign-ups.
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