Quality versus quantity. It’s a familiar dichotomy, and one that impacts your service trade business in ways you might not realize.
Take, for example, the idea of a call answering service. In order to field incoming customer queries, more and more service trades are outsourcing to call centers—a move that does indeed allow them to handle a higher quantity of calls. The question is, does this higher quantity come at the expense of customer service quality?
Before you choose to outsource your customer service needs to a call center, it’s important to understand how these call centers actually work—and how the virtual office services of Contractor in Charge compare.

Different Models of Customer Services

The important thing to understand about call centers is that they have one primary virtue—and that’s efficiency. A call center involves a big room full of people who have a single job, and that’s to push through as many calls as possible. These call centers are focused solely on volume, and if your service trade business merely wants to handle a huge number of calls, that’s fine.
But chances are, that’s not all you want to do. Yes, you need someone to help you field calls, but you also need those customers to be treated warmly and respectfully. You want them to feel heard, their needs understood; you want to ensure that they have a genuinely good experience with your customer service team, not one that will leave them feeling sour toward your brand. Most importantly, perhaps, you want as many of these calls as possible to end with actual appointments. You want to help the people who call in, but you also want to get them booked for your services.

The Contractor in Charge Advantage

That’s the approach that the virtual office model allows for, particularly as practiced by Contractor in Charge. We’re not here to push through calls as quickly as possible, but rather to ensure quality customer service for everyone who calls in—helping you build customer loyalty, close sales, and extend your office hours without taxing your current employees.
It’s not only a more robust solution, but also a cost-effective one; certainly, our virtual office services cost a fraction of what it could cost to hire even a single full-time phone operator or customer service representative.
We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of choosing our virtual office model. Reach out to Contractor in Charge to start that conversation.