As the owner of a small business—whether it’s plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or another trade altogether—it’s vital that you invest every precious minute in adding value to your company. That means focusing on the things that only you can do: Leading your team, serving your customers, and strategically growing your business. Meanwhile, simple and repeatable tasks—things like bookkeeping and payroll—are frankly things you don’t need to be spending your time on.
But if you don’t do them, who will? Often, the answer is to hire and delegate—but there are some problems with this model. Not only do you have to find the right person, which can consume both time and expense, but you have to train them, then provide them with all the proper benefits, in addition to their regular salary.

Introducing the Virtual Contractor Model

There is an alternative method, and it involves what we call the Virtual Contractor model. You may have heard of a Virtual Assistant—a “cyber secretary” to whom small business owners can outsource some basic appointment-setting and record-keeping services. Well, virtual contractors work along similar lines—only our job is to empower the owners of plumbing/HVAC/electrical/remodeling companies through such services as payroll, dispatch, accounting, and beyond.
When you outsource some of those simple and repeatable functions to a Virtual Contractor, like Contractor in Charge, you get a team of experts who will handle the important operational and financial tasks, freeing you to do those value-adding things we mentioned above. There are some key benefits to choosing this method.

Five Benefits to the Virtual Contractor Model

  1. You don’t have to spend time or money training us. You’ve spent years developing the skills and acquiring the certifications you need to apply your trade—plumbing, electrical repair, or whatever else. Well, we have the skills and certifications needed to help you get a handle on your accounting, to ensure cash flow, to prioritize profits, and to help you grow your business. There’s no learning curve required; a Virtual Contractor is ready to go on Day 1.
  2. You don’t have to pay us benefits. Outsourcing can save you a great deal of money, plain and simple—and one of the main reasons is that you don’t have to pay a full-time salary or benefits. We don’t need sick days. We’re here to help you maintain and grow your business, day in and day out.
  3. You get additional expertise on your team. We work with a lot of contractors, and we have the utmost confidence in your skills and abilities. But mastering every angle of a business is simply not possible—and when you spend all your time on the job, it’s hard to have time left over to master things like cash flow. But we have the expertise to cover you, such as certification in Profit First and a number of other key disciplines. It’s not just that we help you with certain aspects of your business; it’s that we do so expertly.
  4. You get a team. With Contractor in Charge, you’re not merely hiring one person to come work for you. You’re enlisting an entire crew of experts who bring different areas of specialization—and our job is to work together on your
  5. You can reclaim your time. Because you no longer have to worry about doing the administrative stuff on your own, you can handle those tasks that you’ve been putting off, like training employees or mapping out a strategic plan for your business. Or, perhaps even better, you can actually enjoy your life as a business owner. Get more sleep at night. Take a day off every once and a while.

The Virtual Contractor model is empowering—and the benefits go on and on. We’d love to talk with you more about how it could help your business. For a free consultation with one of our experts, reach out to Contractor in Charge today!