Have you ever heard of a virtual contractor? You may be one and not know it. So what is one? A virtual contractor doesn’t have an office staff. Why would they? That would take the “virtual” right out of the equation. So what do they have instead?

A virtual contractor uses a virtual customer service company

This company provides all the services that a full staff would without the cost of employing several office people. One service is answering your phones and helping your customers. Knowledgeable service reps can provide information to you and your customers meaning you get the service calls scheduled and emergencies taken care of right away. Scheduling and dispatching is also part of the service provided. Your customers will get services needed and you won’t lose business to lack of someone answering your phone and pulling out your calendar. Lastly, using QuickBooks Online for your bookkeeping, the service is a one stop place to have an “office.”
How does this benefit you, the contractor? Your only employees are your service techs. You save the cost of worker’s comp insurance, taxes and benefits for what would be at least 3-5 people for a smaller contractor or more for a larger one. That’s tens of thousands of dollars a year.
It also garners you the level of customer service and financial transparency that your customers expect with a much lower cost to your business.
So are you a virtual contractor? If not, consider it!

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What Is A Virtual Contractor?