If you’ve been in the contracting business for decades, you know how technology has changed the business.  If not, you rely on technology that has become second nature to you.  So what technology has helped shape contracting today?


Computers have been around for decades and many businesses have used them.  However computers have become smaller and more portable.  Contractors today can use their mobile phone, a tablet or small laptop on the job site to keep in contact with their office, check their schedules, log expenses and invoice a job right on site.  It is possible to run an “office” without a full staff.

Communication is instant

Contacting customers and prospects can be done from anywhere with cell phones.  Staying connected to your techs to find out the progress of jobs is instant with cell phones and GPS trackers.  This all can give you the assurance that your customers are being given the service they and you expect.

Your schedule

By using your cell phone, tablet or laptop you can be in control of your schedule as well.  Or you could allow an outside service company the same access to handle your scheduling and dispatch for you.  Being able to be in that “in the moment” in control of your time.

The same goes for your accounting

Programs like QuickBooks allow you to add and track payments to you, expenses and pay bills with a click of a button on your smartphone, tablet of laptop.  Instead of taking time to sit at a desk and log each payment or receipt you can do it on the fly.  Again, you can also hire a customer service company that also handles QuickBooks for you.  Either way it will save you time.

3 Ways Technology Has Changed The Contracting Business