As a business owner, managing your dispatching and scheduling can fall to the bottom of your “to dos” list, but it shouldn’t. Making sure that these vital customer service communications are professional and efficient for your customers is vital to the health of your business!
You probably have an answering service that takes messages and either texts or emails you information regarding customer repair appointments. Great.. but do they actually listen to your customer problem with a confident and caring approach?
Taking information to relay a message is just a piece of the WOW experience you want to provide your customers. But there are seven principles to great customer service …

  1. Having a positive attitude.
  2. Showing confidence that the skills and services provided by your company are what can solve the customer’s request.
  3. Listening to the customer’s needs and communicating to understand vs just replying to the customer.
  4. Caring about the customer’s situation and showing empathy.
  5. Saying “Yes” to the customer about helping them solve their problem
  6. Asking them to set up an appointment and scheduling them for a trained and certified technician to fix their repair request.
  7. Lastly, building value with that customer on what skills, experience, special certifications, etc they are getting when working with your company.

Don’t just settle for an Answering Service… provide your customers with the service that they want and need. Offer the WOW experience of customer service, scheduling, and dispatching for your customers.