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As much as you hate to admit it, being a contractor means being a salesperson. Oh no, not THAT word! But yes, you have to sell the jobs before you can do the jobs. People aren’t always going to come to you. You have to be prospecting and marketing and selling yourself and your contracting skills. So before you pull out and rely on the old ABC’s of selling, don’t.

ABC’s of Selling

The ABC’s of selling… you know, Always Be Closing. The cornerstone of high pressure sales. Don’t you just love it when someone uses that tactic on you? Of course not! So don’t think for a second that it will work with your clients and prospective clients.
Selling isn’t about closing. Selling is about relationships. Selling is about listening to your clients and offering them the solution to their problems. If you can do that you don’t have to “always be closing.”

How you market Yourself

Sales also involve how you market yourself. This is a great way to get away from the ABC’s. Being able to show people who you are and what you do before you contact them or they contact you is a huge plus. You can do this well and easily today using social media.
Using Facebook for not only the social media aspect but also for ads. Use your smartphone to blast text current, past and prospective clients about a new service you may have or a special you may be offering. Go old school and send out postcards or take out ads in your local paper. Better yet, get on the phone! Call people. Engage them in conversation. Ask if they need help or have a project that needs a hand.
Don’t use high pressure tactics with your clients. Sell them, don’t push them.

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Contractor Sales Tips - That Old ABC Tactic Doesn't Work Anymore