You know that you have plenty of contractor competition out there, some, if not most, as competent as you are. So how can you set yourself apart from the contractor competition? A few simple things will make you stand out.

How do you look when you meet with clients?

Just because you are a contractor doesn’t mean it’s ok to show up to a client meeting in grungy work clothes and mud caked work boots. It doesn’t show much respect for your clients. Yes, they know what you do, but would you like it if your doctor or lawyer showed up in shorts and a t-shirt to your meeting with them? Of course not. It would be unprofessional. Take a few minutes to be sure that you and your staff show up to client meetings well groomed and dressed nicely.

Be on time

You know what else shows professionalism? Showing up on time. That’s just common sense and shows respect for your client’s time. How annoyed are you when you show up on time for an appointment with a doctor, only to be left waiting past your appointment time. Have you ever sat and waited for a service person to show up “between 12 and 5”? Don’t do that to your clients. Show up on time. If you are running late, call. Apologize for your tardiness and offer to reschedule. Respect their time like it was your own.

Open communication

Lastly, be sure to be open in your communication with your clients. Communicating with people isn’t just the words you say. It’s also what you don’t say. You need to be listening to your clients more than talking to them. How else can you know what they want? Ask questions and listen to the answers. Then be available to answer questions while the job is being completed. Being unavailable or absent won’t engender confidence in your company!
Do these easy things and you may find that your business grows and grows.
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3 Super Easy Things You Can Do To Set Yourself Apart From The Contractor Competition | 3 Super Easy Things You Can Do To Set Yourself Apart From The Contractor Competition