You started your contracting business to improve your life. Now you find that your business IS your life. Instead of enjoying your success and spending all your time with your friends and family, you’re spending all your time playing phone tag, scheduling service calls, handling the bills and money and chasing people for meetings. Not what you pictured, is it? There is a better way: operate your contracting business like a business.

Hours of operation

Think about some of your favorite businesses. Do they operate 24/7? Of course not. They have definite hours of operation, whether it’s a store, your doctor or CPA. Why is your business different? You shouldn’t be spending off hours running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Limit your business phone calls to set hours. 8 or 9 am to no later than 7pm is a good guideline. Customers will realize that you need to have a life too. They don’t expect to be able to get a call back from their dentist or banker at all hours of the night.

Billing and bookkeeping services

Did you picture yourself pouring over financial paperwork for hours on end when you thought about starting your business? Probably not. So why not farm that out as well? Doctors have billing and bookkeeping services so they can spend their time with patients.

Scheduling service and phone calls

How do you want to spend your day, doing paperwork or spending time on your open job sites? What about those return calls to those who have contacted you to do a job for them? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have someone who is able to answer their questions intelligently, handle the call and schedule the appointments for you? Wouldn’t that leave you more time to handle the sales calls or work the actual jobs? And then there’s the marketing and prospecting. The jobs won’t always come to you, so who will help with that?

Don’t let your business run your life. Instead, run your business so you can have a life!