3 Ways to Train Your Employees on a Budget

Small business owners have to take on many roles, sometimes including the role of a trainer. You want the best out of your employees, and sometimes that means they need a little extra instruction. Employee training is equally beneficial to the employee and the company, but only when it’s done by the right person. A bad trainer can actually lead to decreased motivation, productivity, and unclear goals. In many cases, small business owners take on the role personally – and the results aren’t always good. So how can you be sure your employees are getting quality training?
Call on Other Employees for Their Skills
When you’re just starting out, training your first few employees isn’t very difficult. But as your business grows, you’ll probably find you have less time to dedicate to training newcomers. Calling upon the expertise of your other employees is an excellent way to delegate some of the training duties.
Seasoned employees are a wonderful training resource, as they know the “flow” of the company. They’ve spent enough time on the job that they know how to efficiently get things done. Best of all, you can use their individual personality strengths to balance each other’s, your own, and the new employees. For example, one of your employees may be better with teaching hands-on training, while another may be better at developing a training manual with you.
Utilize Continuing Education Classes
Whether you want to learn new management skills or want your employees to learn some industry tips, training classes are a fantastic option. Harness the power of training classes by either developing one yourself or looking elsewhere. If you want to develop a program, gather input from other employees and professionals in your industry. Put together a training class that clearly outlines your company goals and how trainees can meet them.
On the other hand, you can look to outside resources, like professional training classes. Some training modules only include industry specific skills, while others include a more comprehensive approach, similar to a college course. Training can be delivered through off-site classes or online.
Invest in a Professional Training Program
Professional trainers work with you to identify specific objectives for your business and then train your employees on how to best serve you. Employee training reduces turnover rates and increases productivity. It can also be used as a recruiting perk, which often leads to higher quality candidates.
Training companies are one of the best resources for employee training; professional training has a significant ROI and benefits both employee and employer tremendously. Of course, as a small business owner, you may not have the immediate funds to do so. If that’s the case, consider an outside resource to help you plan and execute an effective training program.
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