Suffering From a Clunky Customer Service Process? Here’s How to Fix It

People consistently complain that contractors give bad customer service. Usually, this can be traced to a company trying to do too much at once. Good customer service is the most important thing a business should focus on. Your customers hold the success of your business in their hands. Happy customers mean more customers, and more customers mean more money. So how can enterprises who receive service complaints “fix” their customer service departments?
Always Be Friendly and Committed to Your Customers
A perceived lack of concern is the most common customer complaint. Customers hate feeling like a representative doesn’t care about their issues. Have you ever called to resolve a problem with your phone bill and had to speak to someone who seemed rude and preoccupied? It’s frustrating. When customers call in, make an effort to actively show your support. Introduce yourself and tell them exactly what you plan to do to resolve their issues. Ask their name and use it. Everyone knows a person’s favorite word is his or her own name.
How to (Properly) Handle Complaints About Wait Times
Nobody likes to wait. We live in a society of instant gratification where supply often outweighs demand. That means many consumers don’t have the patience to wait – and they don’t have to. Thus, one of the most common customer complaints revolves around wait times. Whether it’s waiting for a contractor to show up or being put on hold while paying a bill, waiting for anything typically doesn’t go over well. There are two solutions to this problem:

  • The first is to optimize your company for efficiency. Why do your customers have to wait? Do you not have digital invoicing, meaning customers have to call or wait for paper bills? How do you handle service calls? Inefficiencies with dispatching or service calls convolute the process, making your contractors more liable to show up late.
  • If you continually get long wait time complaints from customers, look at your internal operations first. However, there are times when customers just have to wait. Maybe it’s the busy season for your company or a product is on backorder. In that case, acknowledge your customers’ frustration, and treat them with respect. If they know what’s going on and feel appreciated, they’re more likely to wait patiently.

Make Sure Your Company Is Accessible Across All Channels
One of the greatest reasons for lost customers is inaccessibility. What’s more, many businesses lose customers before they even have a chance to explain, suggesting that inaccessibility is a far larger problem than reported. For example, if a business doesn’t have a good website or doesn’t have one at all, it risks losing hundreds of potential customers.
Customers that can’t find out about a company’s services or contact information will go elsewhere fast. Inaccessibility can take many forms: your website could be outdated, the business hours you posted may be wrong, or your phone system might be confusing. It’s important to communicate effectively with customers and make sure factors like these are streamlined. Look at the customer service process through their eyes, and pinpoint areas where you might be losing them along the way.
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