Six Ways GPS-enabled Software Improves Customer Satisfaction

The business site, Software Advice, a website businesses frequent to research field service software, recently surveyed how GPS in the field service industry affects field service business owners as well as their customers.
Some of their findings aren’t surprising – no one wants to wait hours for a field service tech to arrive – but other findings might be more surprising, and they reveal ways to improve how your business runs in addition to improving customer satisfaction. Here are some of the site’s findings that might encourage your business to adopt GPS-enabled software.
Improved Customer Satisfaction
No one wants to be stuck at home waiting for a service tech to arrive, and true or not, a cliché that riddles the industry is how impossible it is pin down when a tech will show up. When asked how late is too late, 67% of customers said if a tech doesn’t show up after an hour or more, they would not rehire that company. Punctuality and location accuracy have become expectations for the operation of homes and businesses, and new technology has made that simple. It has also created a world where a phone call to the competition is as easy as a web search on the phone.
One way to keep your customers happy would be to provide arrival notifications. Even if your window of arrival is a few hours long, if a customer gets a notification when a tech is on their way, the customer is much less likely to feel like a shut-in, and will, therefore, be happier with your business.
Efficiency and the Field Tech Businesses 
Customer satisfaction is crucial to a business, but if you can get customer satisfaction and a more efficient way to conduct your business, everybody wins. According to the Software Advice Survey, businesses using GPS-enabled software find this “win-win” to be the case. Field Tech offices can certainly keep track of technicians, which means an office manager can more easily reroute techs who have become unavoidably late. Because technician punctuality leads to an increase in finished work orders this efficiency allows businesses to end the work day earlier.
Most of the business owners surveyed (90%) saw an increase in the number of work orders completed on time. The nature of the business, though, means sometimes techs get stuck and are unable to make it to their next stop in a timely manner. When this happens, the office can notify the waiting customer, who will fell less frustrated by the wait time. Additionally, most businesses using GPS software saw a decrease in fuel costs and travel time. Businesses saw increases in driving safety as well.

Better Communication Means Better Service

Forewarned is forearmed, and technicians who are aware of customer needs are better able to serve those customers. This advanced software lets techs communicate more easily and take special notes about customer needs. If a tech knows they are ringing the doorbell of an elderly person, they are more likely to wait an extra few minutes for the door to open. Knowing a customer has a cat that likes to slip out the door can mean time saved as well, and a happier customer experience.
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