The Customer Experience is the most critical process and strategy a contractor can implement in their business. Incorporating simple procedures, policies, and training will set your company apart. The Customer Experience Process starts with the owner of the company and becomes a culture that every employee embraces to make your customers Lifetime RAVING Fans!
The following steps are an example of how a Contractor Company could implement a process in their business to establish themselves as a Customer Focused company. There are many variations and we encourage to add your own company personality and special flair to set up company apart.

  1. Customer Calls a Company with a Request for an Estimate or Information– A courteous, confident, and informed person answers the company phone. A company representative is scheduled to visit the customer within 48 hours or based on customer’s schedule. If the request is for more information, capture the caller’s information for a callback the same day or immediately.
  2. Scheduled Estimate – Notify the customer via email/text the day before the confirmed appointment. Call two hours before the appointment. Include a picture of the person who will be arriving on the job in the email or the text.
  3. Job Assessment/Company Education – The company representative must have a professional appearance and arrive on time. They need to be trained with to ask the customer prepared questions. A package is delivered and reviewed with the potential customers with brochures focusing on unique sales proposition, testimonials and references, prepared document of how you work with the client to accomplish their goals.
  4. Presentation of Process – The representative should be trained on the company sales process and be able to show a graphic brochure to the potential customer on the project process.
  5. Presentation of Estimate – The key here is to supply the customer with Detail Detail Detail! – It is recommended that a company present an estimate on the visit… use an approach that allows for a range of pricing.
  6. Accept the Estimate – Be able to present the new customer a clear understanding of your payment schedule, change orders, exceptions, etc. Once the proposal is accepted, send a follow- up letter/card and email to thank the customer of the business and next steps. Include links to your website, Facebook, Google plus, Linked in, email, phone numbers, etc in the note. Ask the customer to join all social media sites and post a “Welcome” when they like or join your sites! Engage them early!
  7. Does Not Accept the Estimate – Move the Prospect to the Company Customer Email List